Briefing: National Environmental Economic Accounting

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In 2016 Australia’s Environment Ministers agreed that Commonwealth, state and territory governments would collaborate to develop a strategy for a common national approach to environmental – economic accounting by December 2017.  This important work will ensure accurate and reliable information is available to governments, communities and business to better understand the condition of the environment and its relationship with the economy, as well as a platform to make better and more informed decisions.

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Member Spotlight: Kimberly-Clark

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SBA CEO Andrew Petersen talks with Jacquie Fegent-McGeachie (Global Director – Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Engagement) and Natalie Turner (Communications and Sustainability Manager) about the company’s sustainable business program globally and locally.



Briefing: Climate change needs to be central to Australia’s national security agenda

170904 National Security News

Climate change needs to be central to Australia’s national security agenda 

Andrew Petersen, CEO, Sustainable Business Australia

With the events to our immediate north, national security, indeed international security, has been in the news a lot lately – and with good reason. The world has changed significantly this decade through seismic geopolitical shifts. It is also changing through climate shifts. Both have significant impacts for national security and Australia has more to lose than most when it comes to the impact of climate change on national security.

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